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Rising above Rejection

How to Handle Rejection  Being rejected is the worst and it can occur in every area of life. You may be rejected for a promotion at work, or at a job you applied for. You can be rejected by your significant other when they cancel date night to hang with their...

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How to Talk to Your Kids about Bullying

How to Talk to Your Kids about Bullying  There aren’t too many people who have reached adulthood without experiencing bullying. Unfortunately, being excluded, ridiculed, and the subject of taunts is all part of growing up. However, just because being bullied is...

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Why We Celebrate International Women’s Day

Why We Have International Women's Day  Even in 2022, you likely can’t mention International Women’s Day without a man blurting out, “Why isn’t there an International Men’s Day?” Well, you see, there is an International Men’s Day; it’s November 19th. But the...

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5 Ways the World Is Supporting Ukraine

5 Ways the World Is Supporting Ukraine  The Russian Ukraine War is on the front page of every major news website. Billboards along the freeways have been changed to the Ukrainian flag and, all over social media, people have been changing their profile pictures to...

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