Excellence and the Moxie Cycle

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Hearing, “Be excellent” can be a little daunting. Perhaps it sounds too obvious. Maybe it sounds a little bit like, “If you want to be good at something, just be good at it!” But, when it comes to the Moxie Cycle, that’s not what excellence is about at all. Excellence is about taking meaningful, mindful steps toward your goals. Excellence is about doing the hard things that will make your life better and open the opportunities you’ve always been dreaming about. Excellence does not mean perfection. You don’t have to do everything perfectly in order to be excellent. You just have to put in an excellent amount of intentional effort.

How You Can Be Excellent Today

You can be excellent today by taking intentional steps toward your goal. Pick one thing you can do today that will directly contribute to the accomplishment of your goals. If your goal is to be healthier, put effort into eating only healthy meals for the day. Or, if your goal is to get a new job, start working on your resume today. A lot of people feel like their goals are huge, and thus require monumental amounts of effort. While that may be true, there’s no reason you can’t start putting in effort today. After all, even experienced hikers hike the Grand Canyon one step at a time.

How the Feminists Were Excellent

When women started fighting for their rights, they didn’t allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the amount of work that needed to be done. Instead of giving up because women’s rights were so far behind men’s, they fought for the rights of future generations one step at a time. Though it would have been ideal for women to win all of their rights at the same time men did, the social expectations of the time would never have allowed it. Instead of allowing that to bewilder them, feminists tackled one issue at a time, continually moving society forward. Could you imagine how different things would be if feminists decided to give up because the inequality was too great? A lot of the world’s most successful leaders would not have had the opportunities they have had today.

Excellence and the Moxie Cycle

In the Moxie Cycle, excellence comes after self worth, and alongside growth/teachability. This is because growth and teachability show us where we need to put our effort. Being excellent means making the hard changes. Depending on your goals, it might mean getting up an hour earlier, working toward certifications, or eating healthier everyday. Once you’ve decided that your obstacles are a learning experience, excellence gives you the opportunity to learn from them. In the Moxie Cycle, excellence is a verb. It’s putting your learning experience into action. It’s being better than you were when you experienced setbacks or failures.

Empowered Women Empower Women

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