Lessons Learned

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Female Empowerment | 0 comments

I have now lived on this earth for 39 years, and I feel that I have learned a few things along the way that I wanted to share with you all.  

  1. YOU are worthy of success.  So many times we are the only thing holding us back from thriving and success because we don’t believe it will happen to us or we don’t believe we deserve it.  I say, stop getting in your own way, and recognize that you are so worthy of success!  When you believe you deserve it then there is nothing stopping you from becoming it.  
  2. If you never ask you will never receive.  You have to be willing to ask for what you want.  I always say that the worst thing someone can do when asked is say no.  But you can never receive the “YES” if you don’t put out the intent and ask for you what you want.  
  3. When you bless others, you yourself will be blessed.  Serving others not only helps you feel good but it also sends positive vibes in the universe back to you.  It truly is a full circle effect. 
  4. Find or build your tribe. Surrounding yourself with people that are fully supportive of you and your mission adds strength to everything you are building.  Having people that love you and support what you are doing only adds strength to get where ever you are trying to go.  
  5. Courage is the first step to creating opportunity.  Having courage sometimes seems like the hardest step.  But the key to success and creating opportunity is just taking the first step forward.  And it is scary, and it puts us in a vulnerable situation because we don’t like the possibility of failure.  But what if you fly? And if you do fail, that’s often a necessary step on the road to success.
  6. Loving yourself first is key.  A lot of the time in our life we are so busy and worried about other people that we forget that the person we need to be loving and supporting first is ourselves.  But that is key to living a full and whole life.  We have to remember that when you love yourself first you are able to love others without losing who you are or who you want to be. 
  7. Never apologize for being you.  As humans we tend to want to apologize for our faults and/or our flaws.  But never apologize for being you.  Because you are unique and beautiful in your own way.  No two people are the same and therefore, your traits are exactly what you should be, and uniqueness is beautiful.  
  8. Know your why.  When you know your purpose and what you are working toward, it makes your ability to move forward and then achieve those goals obtainable.  Make your purpose your passion and it will one day become your profession.  Achieving your goals and dreams when you know the why behind it gives you purposes and passion.  
  9. Find a partner that supports you 100%.  Your partner cannot be responsible for your happiness;  only you can do that.  But your partner can surely elevate your happiness and support you in achieving your dreams and goals.  Make sure your partner is not holding you back by setting expectations on yourself that you do not agree with.  You need to find a partner that supports you no matter what. 
  10. Allow yourself to dream.  When you set out the intent, anything is possible.  Therefore, allow yourself to dream, set your intent, work hard, know your why—dreams come true.  

It took me 39 years to recognize that being exactly who I am is exactly what I am supposed to be.  And it is fabulous.  As I close out this last year of my thirties, I am going live by these life lessons.  

Let me know what your mantras or hard-won life lessons have been so we can learn from each other!