She Believed She Could

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Female Empowerment | 0 comments

I have been a divorce attorney for over 13 years and built up one of the largest family law firms in the state.  Most would ask, “Wow look at all you have accomplished; are you content?”  My answer is no.  This is because I was helping people one by one go through one of the hardest times of their life. I was helping them feel empowered to use this trial and experience to be stronger and come out on the other side a better version of themselves.  But I quickly realized I wanted to help more on a larger scale.  This is why I wrote the book, “No One Dies from Divorce.” I was using the information in the book to help my clients, and I wanted the world to have access to the same content as well.  

Along with that, I recognized the need for strong, female leadership.  I want to inspire all who need a little extra motivation to realize that they are worthy, and they have purpose. If I can use my story and my experiences to inspire and empower others, that’s when I will be content.  That is why I have been developing—and am now so excited to launch—the Jill Coil brand. I am reaching out to all of you that may need that cheerleader, telling you that you are enough and that you are worthy.  

Who am I trying to reach? 

My ideal reader is the woman that aspires to be more but just does not know where to start.

She is the woman who feels there is not necessarily anything special about her or what she does.  

She feels that she has bigger purpose but is lost in the lie that she is not worthy of that bigger purpose.  

She feels that she is stuck and looks up to so many other women she thinks are stronger than her.  

She believes that opportunities are not readily available to her, she doesn’t know where to look for them, or she thinks opportunity is a matter of luck.  

My reader is looking for purpose, confidence, or a reason to feel empowered.

My reader doesn’t know where to start, but she is willing to have courage to start the journey.  

If this describes you, then you are in the right place. I am going to help you realize your worth and that you are stronger than you know; you have the ability within to shine.  I have a lot of experiences in my life where I have been told I am not good enough, or that I should stop.  And in certain times I almost believed them and stopped.  However, each time I got knocked down, I chose to stand back up and prove them wrong.  I am so glad I proved them wrong because I don’t want to live with regrets, doubts, or “what ifs”.  Sometimes we have to fall flatter than we ever have, so that we can stand taller than we ever knew we could.  I am standing tall because I got back up. I am going to teach you how to do the same thing.  And together we will embark on this journey of learning what you’re capable of; that you are worthy of opportunity; and that when you can’t find opportunity, you can create it.  

Welcome to  Let’s do this!